• Jardin de Balata

    Route de Balata, Fort-de-France 97234, Martinique .

    The Garden of Balata opens its doors to you to discover the natural wealth of the Caribbean vegetation.

  • La Savane des esclaves

    La Ferme, Les Trois-Îlets, Martinique .

    Museum on the history of local slavery with huts, Creole medicinal garden and bilingual signs.

  • La Baignoire de Joséphine

    D6 Cite La Jetée Le Francois MQ 97240, Le François, Martinique .

    Popular swimming area known for its shallow turquoise waters and white shoals, accessible by boat.

  • Musée de la banane

    Quartier, Fourniols, Sainte-Marie 97230, Martinique .

    The Banana Museum opens its doors to discover the world of banana trees!

  • Habitation Clément

    Domaine de l'Acajou, Le François 97240, Martinique .

    The Habitation Clément is a vast 160-hectare agricultural estate, nestled in the commune of Le François, in southeastern Martinique. Dominated by a Creole house dating from the 18th century, this place - classified as a historical monument in 1996 - brings together in the heart of the sugar cane plantations a major heritage site, a recognized contemporary art center and a renowned rum house. Each year, nearly 100,000 visitors come to discover the particularity of this exceptional place which has preserved its agricultural and industrial function, while introducing the botanical world, the world of rum, the Creole world and the industrial world. Educational tools are available to accompany schoolchildren in their discovery. Recognized as a "House of Illustrious" in 2011, the Habitation Clément is now seeking to preserve its authenticity and continue its efforts to enhance its heritage.

  • Musée Franck Perret

    169 D10, Saint-Pierre 97250, Martinique .

    The Franck Perret Museum is a must to understand volcanology and its history on the island. Created in 1933 by Franck Arnold PERRET, an American volcanologist and geologist, you will discover Saint Pierre before and after the volcanic eruption.

    The museum is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm except on January 1st.

  • Marina de Fort-de-France

    Marina Etang Z'abricots, Fort-de-France, Martinique .

    "The Etang Z'Abricots community marina meets several challenges:

    To offer a space of pleasure to the numerous boats based or of passage in Martinique;

    To provide the island with a modern nautical facility that respects the environment;

    To strengthen the island's position in the Caribbean yachting market and, above all, to develop the activities and jobs inherent in it.


    A protocol for the protection and monitoring of the mangrove was built with the concern of evaluating the site and proposing corrective measures in order to best preserve the environmental qualities of the Etang Z'Abricots community marina. Moreover, this equipment is part of the "Clean Port" labeling process within the framework of the Grenelle de la mer.


    The marina of Etang Z'Abricots is 15 minutes from downtown Fort de France and the airport.

    Porch of all the conveniences, the marina basin is located between the mangrove and the urbanized area of the Etang z'abricots district.

    This port is composed of a boat park and a water level consisting of two pannes that can accommodate boats up to 25m in span."


  • Plage des Salines

    Plage des Salines, Martinique .

    The beach of Salines, located on the big cove of Salines, is a beach of the commune of Sainte-Anne, in Martinique. The beach of Salines is very appreciated by local residents and tourists. According to a road count, this site would receive nearly two million visitors per year

  • Aéroport International Martinique Aimé Césaire

    Aéroport International Martinique Aimé Césaire, Le Lamentin, Martinique .

    The international airport of Martinique-Aimé-Césaire, IATA code: FDF - ICAO code: TFFF.

    Formerly called Lamentin airport, it is located in the commune of Lamentin, 12 km south of Fort-de-France, at the end of the bay of Fort-de-France, in Martinique.

  • Le Domaine De L'Émeraude

    Le Domaine De L'Émeraude, Le Morne Rouge, Martinique .

    "The Domaine d'Emeraude: a journey to the heart of biodiversity and heritage. On this twenty-four hectare site, nestled between Mount Pelée and the Pitons du Carbet on the Route de la Trace, nature is king and flourishes freely. The Domaine d'Emeraude is an experience of the senses through: 
    The landscaped forest (4km of an exotic walk for all ages). The educational and playful exploration pavilion, the Garden of Origins promoting the Caribbean ethnopharmacopoeia, the Emerald Domain park dotted with rare or endemic species. The store showcasing local treasures, which proudly offers a wide range of regional know-how. 
    This site of exploration and interpretation of nature is one of the jewels of the Regional Natural Park of Martinique."

  • Anse couleuvre

    anse couleuvre, Martinique .

    A few hundred meters long, this black sand beach faces the islet la Perle. The beach is separated in two parts by the river Anse Couleuvre.

  • Village de la poterie

    Village de la poterie, Les Trois-Îlets, Martinique .

    "Located on the site of a former Jesuit convent established at the end of the 17th century, the Village de la Poterie has dedicated its activity to working with clay since the middle of the 18th century: the building materials industry and clay crafts. Gradually, the service and residential buildings of the village were occupied by tradesmen.

    - Over the years, the Poterie des Trois-Ilets has developed the terracotta trades by combining industry (manufacture of bricks, tiles, tiles ...) and crafts (terracotta pottery). 

    - Today the Village de la Poterie is home to many old works and authentic Creole houses occupied by artisans, potters and traders, as well as one of the oldest active brickworks in France. "

  • Le musée d’archéologie précolombienne et de préhistoire

    9 Rue de la liberté, Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique .

    The museum has a total surface area of 445 m2, 380 of which are reserved for exhibitions.
    Through thematic rooms, it exposes in images, sounds, words and precious objects, all the richness of the Amerindian Civilizations.
    In a "landmark" room, the visit begins by exploring the space-time field, then continues by discovering "the daily activities of the Amerindians", their "environment" and the "cultural survivals". We discover activities linked together in a large general system.

  • Habitation Belfort, Le petit train de Belfort

    Habitation Belfort, Le Lamentin, Martinique .

    The little train of Belfort: a tourist activity in Martinique
    Nestled in the countryside of Lamentin, in the heart of greenery as far as the eye can see, the Habitation Belfort opens its doors to you. A tourist activity in Martinique with a small train for children and adults

    Discover the know-how developed since 30 years, around the banana and at the rhythm of the small train. The small train allows you to cover the entire farm and visits are possible even on rainy days! Practical, fun and original, the little train also offers optimal safety guarantees for this type of visit. A tourist activity in Martinique

    The Habitation Belfort is certified Organic Agriculture since December 2019, a certification based on the preservation of soil quality, air, water and biodiversity. Since February 21, 2020, we are also ZRP (zero pesticide residue) certified. For more information, visit the page " La banane de Belfort" .

    During the guided tour, and on 65 ha, you will know our little secrets to produce the best: the banana of Martinique. a tourist activity in Martinique
    a tourist activity in Martinique

    You will live a patrimonial experience in family or in group in an exceptional frame. You will taste innovative local products that are as natural as they are delicious, your pupils will not be able to resist!

  • Espace muséal Aimé Césaire

    Espace muséal Aimé Césaire, Rue Victor Sévère, Fort-de-France, Martinique .

    Aimé Césaire, Man of Letters and politician from Martinique worked in this office first as Mayor and then as Honorary Mayor of the city of Fort de France.
    Inaugurated on June 26, 2013, date of his hundredth birthday, the office of Aimé Césaire, welcomes you on the 1st floor of the old City Hall.
    Get to know Aimé Césaire in a muffled environment, full of emotion and memories since the space has been preserved as it was... The windows showcase his family, political and literary life. A memorial place where the objects on display were all given to the Great Man as a sign of recognition and respect. Hush! He seems to be present!

  • Marché couvert de Fort-de-France

    Rue Blenac, Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique .

    Let yourself be charmed by this market of a thousand flavors where you will find a concentrate of what Martinique is!

    The Grand Marché of Fort-de-France offers fruits & vegetables, spices, spirits, fresh juices and many other things...

    You will be close to the Martinican people who will be able to tell you some secrets about their traditional recipes! 

    An unforgettable sensory and human experience.

  • Fort Saint-Louis

    Boulevard Chevalier De Sainte-Martine, Fort-de-France, Martinique .

    Active naval base, headquarters of the high command of the French Navy for the Antilles-Guyana zone. The first historical anchor point of the lower town, the impressive Vauban-style construction attracts the attention of walkers and visitors from the waterfront.


    Rue Victor Schoelcher, Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique .

    Designed by the architect Henri Picq, the 19th century cathedral stands out in a dense urban fabric.
    The Monseigneur Romero square, which it overlooks, offers the best perspective on its new spire of 12 tons of steel consisting of a rooster and a golden sphere.
    This building of metallic structure has 19 stained glass windows of a rare beauty and precious elements of furniture (marble altar, monumental organ, carved wooden chair...), which invite to contemplation.
    It was classified in 1990 as a historical monument.


    1 Rue de la liberté, Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique .

    The Schœlcher Library is one of the architectural jewels of Martinique and resides as the most visited building of the island. This old lady more than a hundred years old is enthroned majestically on the Place de la Savane. Media library of public reading and conservation.